Insured accessWe are a secure mobile app for all of your insurance documents to be viewed!

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Retail Brokers

Brokers and AgentsDeliver your Policy Documents online and to mobile devices in seconds.

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Insurance Carriers

Easy to startOffer secure online and mobile issuance for all your subbrokers and their insureds.

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Introducing the PolicySpot

PolicySpot is a Mobile Insurance Platform designed to allow Agents and Carriers to increase their customer service to their clients. We achieve this by creating a mobile app for insurance agents to deliver policies, self service certificates, and take credit card payments without using a merchant account.

Agents and carriers can use our application which already exists in the app stores for a low cost mobile solution. If you would like to have your logo, we can easily accommodate it for a small fee.

If you are a policyholder, you can store your policy for FREE and access our FREE mobile insurance app from the Android and iPhone app stores.