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Store and Deliver

Give your clients access to any PDF file on the web and smartphones.


Self Service Certs

Simple template for each policy, but you approve special wordings.


Accept Credit Cards

Collect insurance payments from clients without a merchant account.


Mobile App for Agents

Gain the competitive edge by having your own custom mobile app for your clients.


HomeBroker - Agents

Benefits for the Independent Agent

There are many advantages for an Independent Insurance Agent by being a member of the PolicySpot. Having a Mobile Insurance App tied into our cloud policy storage will give your clients access to certs, docs, and mobile payments. We always give you all our features for one low price, and allow you to use as many or as few as you need.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Allow your sales and marketing team for your agency to start telling your clients, "You can access your policy online or with our mobile insurance app."

Better Customer Service

24/7 access to your agency provides the quick turnaround essential in retaining your clients, and announcements and direct messages keep them interested.

Lower Service Overhead

Sell more without worrying about the increasing costs of service. Start marketing that product you couldn't before.

Lower Cancellation Rate

Our cancellation prevention features can dramatically reduce cancellations. Email notifications to cert holders keep lazy policy holders on their toes.

Streamlined Accounting

No more checks in your office to open and process. With credit card payments for customer's payments are directly deposited into the account of your choice.

Works with Everyone

Keep your current management system, and don't impact your staff. We work with all carriers and wholesalers, and they will thank you for using it!