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Accept Credit Cards

Collect Credit Card PaymentsAllow Your Customers to Pay by Credit Card

PolicySpot is like PalPal but niched for the insurance industry. Just like your customers pay UPS to send a payment to you, they can pay us and we will ach it into your account. You get 100% of the insurance payment with none of the cost or headaches associated with a merchant account. We offer a way for insurance professionals to remove the costs of card acceptance while maintaining compliance with the rules of credit card companies and state and federal regulations.

Collect any type of policy charge
Once your policy is in PolicySpot you will be able to generate a collection for payment of the down, installment, endorsement, or any other payment you would need collected. Keep policies from cancelling by using our mobile insurance app and collection services to keep your commissions safe and sound.
Pay Now Email with Invoice
PolicySpot will deliver an email with a pay now link which forwards your client to a "Expedia-like" checkout process. You can even upload your own invoice, and attach a personalized message. Save time and headache by streamlining the way your clients pay for their insurance.
Web and Mobile Payments
Your clients don't sit behind their desk all day, and neither should your payment system. Our mobile app for insurance agents lets your customers not only pay on the web, but also with their smartphone. Don't worry about keeping up with technology, rest assured you will have the most sophisticated system on the planet.
Convenience Fee Pricing
We include a fee of 3.55% + 1.99 per successful payment collection from your insured. No setup fees, no monthly fees, no card storage fees, no hidden costs: they are all passed on to your insured. Get all the benefits of having a merchant account, and let us handle the overhead and regulations!
Notifications and Receipts
When you client makes a payment, they will receive an easy to read receipt in their email. You will receive Payment Notifications and Funding Notices to keep you on top of your collections like never before. is how we will show up on their bill, it appears we have thought of everything!
We ACH to you quick.
Unlike other companies who don't understand the needs of the insurance industry, PolicySpot won't make you wait 7 days to get your money. We fund your account within 24hrs. There are many payment gateways, but only one that understands the needs of the Insurance Industry.

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