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Mobile App for Agents

Quick, Painless, and Cheap!Mobile App for Insurance Agents

Get your Mobile App for Insurance Agents quick , painless, and cheap! Let's face it, we spend most of our time on our cell phones anyway? Why not put your phone to work to grow your business with your own custom Mobile App for Insurance Agents! Mobile apps are on the rise with projections of substantial growth, isn't it time you had your own mobile insurance app? Insurance customers will go where they get the best customer service, and independent agents having their own custom mobile insurance app will have the edge.

It's REAL app, not a mobile enabled website
Your clients will search for it in the app store, and have an icon of your logo on their phones. You will be able to send notifications directly to their phones for marketing a new product or their renewal. Don't be fooled by inferior mobile apps that don't deliver what your customers expect when they visit your mobile app.
Gain the tools the big companies have
Our infrastructure cost us over $1 million and has taken us over 4 years to perfect, and now independent agents can leverage all of our hard work for a fraction of the price. Connect to your customers just like Progressive, State Farm, or Farmers without being tied into their software. Your new insurance mobile app will be 100% yours, and can put in any policy you sell regardless of the carrier.
Quick Mobile App Processing
Using our existing mobile platform will guarantee quick and easy processing with the Itunes and Google Play Mobile stores. You don't have to worry about keeping up with code compliance or changes in store policies. Get your mobile app for insurance agents live on the app stores in about 3 weeks.
Increase productivity and business
A recent poll of small businesses by AT&T found - The biggest reason for using mobile apps: Saving time, said 62 percent of those polled. Fifty-nine percent cited increased productivity, and 29 percent said cost-saving. Everywhere you look people are saying going mobile will help your business, and now the facts are in.
Full Service Technology
Most services provided to Insurance Agents are done by resellers and other salespeople. We are not salespeople, we are developers. Our team of developers are run by our Owner/Founder, who utilizes his 15 years of building raters and carrier systems to get you useful technology. We care about our product, and we will make sure your mobile app represents the professionalism you have worked so hard to project to your clients.
Free updates for life
Your membership qualifies you for every little bell and whistle we will add to our product forever. You can easily request new enhancements straight from our live chat, and your app will benefit from other member agent's requests. Some of the features on the horizon are eSignatures, Quotes with indications, and marketing surveys.

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